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Installation is quick and easy with all anodized aluminum track framing & pre-fabricated panels. All connections made with self-tapping truss-head finishing screws.

Install bottom track to desired layout.

Install top track to ceiling.

Install starter track to wall.

Cut to height and install wall panel by lifting up into top track and lowering into bottom track then slide into starter track.

Install H track over the edge of panel and install next wall panel.

Doors can be installed and easily be adjusted to work perfectly. The swing can be adjusted to a right or left hand swing and in or out.

Wall is terminated with finishing aluminum.

Electrical raceways can be added if needed for light switches , receptacles & data.

Install fixed or slider windows.

Partitions are as quick and easy to install as the walls.

Materials and fasteners are the same.

Any height is possible though six feet is most common.

Top of partitions are supported with one piece top tracks to keep ends sturdy. In the event a partition is long or solo a short one foot end cap wall or an aluminum column will keep it solid.

Electrical raceways can be added for receptacles & data.

Aluminum column can double as a raceway.

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